Tampines St 45 dangerously accident-prone, say residents

Tampines St 45 dangerously accident-prone, say residents
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TAMPINES - A day after the horrific accident, people were still jaywalking.

Pedestrians at Tampines Street 45 were seen ignoring traffic lights as they crossed the street, casually strolling with their earphones plugged in.

Some students even ran across the road.

This, despite the fact that the street is infamous among residents there.

"The area is dangerously accident-prone," claimed Mr Michael Seet, 60, a retiree.

The resident of Block 491C did not witness Monday's tragedy, but claimed to have seen other accidents happen on Street 45, such as one involving a woman early one morning two years ago.

On Dec 6, 2011, Madam Mislia Ahmad, 65, was killed by a car turning right from Street 45 into Tampines Avenue 9, reported The Straits Times.

Near misses

Many residents also told The New Paper about their near misses with speeding vehicles there.

Mr John Tan, 64, claimed he was almost hit by a lorry at the junction of Street 45 and Avenue 9, when the traffic lights had been in his favour.

"Many lorries speed here," said the retiree, who lives in Block 489. "They are really too fast. Accidents like that (Monday's accident) can be avoided if they weren't so fast."

TNP understands there is a construction site beside Block 491E. Two blocks of flats and a multi-storey carpark are being built there.

Residents also complained about how there were too many heavy vehicles on the narrow road.

Street 45 is a two-lane road that runs to the four-lane Tampines Avenue 9.

Opposite the road is All Saints Home, a nursing home for the elderly.

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