ERP gantries at Nicoll Highway, Crawford Street to be relocated by April

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In a statement on Wednesday, the Land Transport Authority said the adjustment will allow motorists to access the East Coast Parkway (ECP) via Nicoll Highway and pay one less ERP charge on weekday mornings. Motorists that take this route are currently charged twice.

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Full statement from LTA:

Relocation of ERP gantries at Nicoll Highway and Crawford underpass

To facilitate adjustments to the Bugis-Marina Centre cordon, the existing Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantries at Nicoll Highway and Crawford Street will be relocated. The existing gantry at Republic Boulevard will also be removed to facilitate the adjustment. This was earlier announced in October 2011 as part of refinements to the ERP scheme.

With the adjustment, motorists will be able to access East Coast Parkway (ECP) via Nicoll Highway without having to pass through and pay ERP charges at the Bugis-Marina Centre cordon.

Works to relocate the gantries will begin from 21 February 2013 and expected to be completed by mid-April. During this period, motorists will see two separate ERP gantries at the two locations, but the relocated gantries will only come into operation after the existing gantries are decommissioned. Signs will also be placed near the gantries to remind motorists of the switchover.

Should motorists have any queries, they can contact the LTA hotline at 1800-CALL LTA.