Weapon of Choice

To the uninitiated, the difference between M and M Performance can be tricky. -sgCarMart

Chariot of Fire

When BMW told us to expect an updated Z4, we wondered how things could turn out. Frankly, we loved the previous generation. -sgCarMart

Archback Rivals

These three hatchbacks couldn't have been more different in the way they were conceived, designed, and constructed. -sgCarMart

Korean Storm

No prizes for the guessing the right answer - the Hyundai Santa Fe is indeed named after the capital of the US state of New Mexico, which explains why its name may sound a little Spanish-Mexican. -sgCarMart

Aston Martin gets better, faster

British carmaker reveals important enhancements to 2 of its most popular and successful sports cars. -The Star/ANN

Topless Supercar

To start off, I didn't get to drive the McLaren Spider topless. I was going to remove my shirt but...-sgCarMart

Chasing a Ghost of a Good Thing

The 'smallest Rolls' or the 'baby Rolls' is how people inevitably refer to the Rolls-Royce Ghost. -sgCarMart

Drugged For Speed

We sample the next in line - the RS4 Avant. -sgCarMart

Sound Decision

There aren't many car names on Earth that are as revered as the Golf. -sgCarMart

Super-licious Sedans

Which of these compact sedans can give you the most car for the least amount of money? -sgCarMart

Electricity in Motion

It seems that Audi has talk the talk and walk the walk with its electric plans. -sgCarMart