Three Magical Alphabets

Created 37 years ago, the fast Golf is truly classless. -sgCarMart

Sweet Japanese Flagship

The new flagship sedan is already in its ninth edition in its 37-year history. -sgCarMart

Seeking Atonement

Things are about to change with the second generation of the Stavic. -sgCarMart

Opposite Poles Attract

Volvos aren't exactly the most exciting breed of cars you see in town but now, it seems it has injected that bit of ingenuity into one of their latest offerings - the V40. -sgCarMart

Ingenious Start

Lexus was one of the first carmakers to realise the potential of hybrids, and the company now has a wide range of hybrids, competing in several market classes. -sgCarMart

Work of Art

Quality and reliability have always been the foundation Lexus builds on. -sgCarMart

Leap to Stardom

For starters, how do you actually go about convincing people that the sedan, by having two more doors, is better than the coupe? -sgCarMart

Active Diesel

Mazda's new baby bouncing bear is also the first Mazda model to be offered locally with a diesel engine. -sgCarMart

Malaysian air bag victim was in final week of pregnancy

According to local police, Law, who was wearing a seat belt, was hit in the neck by a single fragment of metal, nearly 2.5cm in diameter, from the air bag that tore apart in the collision. -Reuters

Honda unveils all-new Legend sedan

It features the world's first Pedestrian Collision Mitigation Steering System, which is designed to help prevent collisions with pedestrians. -The Star/ANN

Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class launched in Malaysia

The new premium compact SUV is offered in three turbocharged variants. -The Star/ANN