Woman uses toilet plunger as grab pole on train

Woman uses toilet plunger as grab pole on train
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Singapore's MRT trains may have some pretty strange happenings sometimes, but this woman on a Tokyo subway may have beat them all and clinched the number one spot.

She has attracted much online attention with her unusual 'accessory' - a toilet plunger.

The woman was spotted holding onto a toilet plunger that was stuck to the train carriage's ceiling like a grab handle, said an online site.

The photo has amused netizens, while some expressed wonder or disgust at what she did. "Brilliant idea!" gushed one commenter, while several wrote 'lmao'.

Many others vowed to follow suit and make use of this all-purpose tool.

One guy even recommended that convenience stores start stocking them "right next to the umbrellas".

There were also some negative comments such as these:

"Yuck, why is she carrying that thing around?"

"Too embarrassing."

"Shame on our country."

"What happens when she tries to get off and it's stuck there?"

"Even if that's a new plunger, I don't want to see that…"

"Is there a toilet on the train ceiling now?"

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