Road bully caught on camera with reckless behaviour

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A Honda Civic driver was caught on video being a road bully when he chased down another driver, committing many reckless acts after a minor misunderstanding at a carpark.

Stomp contributor James alerted Stomp to the video that he came across online.

The incident apparently happened at about 9am on Jan 29.

Stomp contributor James said:

"I saw this clip on YouTube and decided to share it with everyone.

"Although the full story behind this video is unknown, I believe both parties are at fault.

"But that doesn't warrant the dangerous driving behaviour of the Honda Civic driver.

"His actions caused unnecessary risk and danger to other road users.

"Hope the original contributor makes a TP report as he definitely has a case against the other driver.

"Both plates and driver's face was clearly recorded."

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