Point-of-view camera: Crash and tumble of motorbike accident

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A point-of-view (POV) video posted online shows a motorbike ride apparently in Taiwan riding his motorcycle along a winding road speeding past vehicles.

Reports and comments posted on Shanghaiist.com and Liveleak.com make fun of the rider zooming along the winding roads. He seems to be travelling fast to nowhere.

Eventually, at the 1.16-minute mark of this 2.08-minute video, another biker is seen riding then skidding towards the oncoming rider with the POV camera. They crash into each other.

The POV video shows the tumble and fall of the rider that crashed into the speeding one.

Passers-by come to check on well-being of the rider that hit into the speeding one. Load groans can be heard on the video.

The video stops with the passer-by looking, perhaps a little disdainfully, at the rider with the POV camera.


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