Life as a car show girl

Life as a car show girl
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When you get to any car exhibition and you see a lot of crowding in one particular spot, that's where the car show models are. There is this argument that visitors going for such shows go for the girls and not the cars. That argument is not flawed I feel, as it is common to see hoards of people with cameras crowding around the models. Note that I don't even refer to them as photographers!

Where credit is due, these girls help to draw more crowds to the show, but it defeats the purpose of having an automotive exhibition don't you think? After all, these people will just take photos of the girls and then leave, hardly even checking out any of the products or services showcased.

Sometimes I really don't understand why some people have to stay at the same spot for the entire time that the model is posing at the car. For me, I try to squeeze my way in, get a few shots and then move off so those at the back can have their turn. However, I always, always encounter people who just stay rooted to one spot and shoot like thousands (ok I exaggerate, probably hundreds) of pictures of the same girl. I mean, really, do you need that many shots?

It isn't easy to be in those girls' shoes (or heels or boots for that matter). I was once a car show model a long time ago when I first entered the industry and it is a tough feat. Having to endure being in elevated shoes for long hours is one challenge, another is having to look good at all times and keep smiling. It works the same way for all models at any exhibition like IT fairs.

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