Cyclist dies after accident with bus on Tuas slip road

Cyclist dies after accident with bus on Tuas slip road
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A cyclist was pronounced dead at the National University of Hospital (NUH) after he was involved in an accident with a bus on a slip road leading to Jurong Pier Road on Tuesday morning.

A netizen, who only wanted to be known as Kee Tan, had alerted citizen journalism website Stomp to the accident in an email today.

The Police confirmed that the cyclist had subsequently succumbed to his injuries and died after being conveyed to the hospital.

The spokesperson said:

""Police received a call today (Feb 19) at about 7.56am, requesting for assistance along Tuas slip road into Jurong Pier Road near lampost 64.

"Upon Police's arrival, it was established that an accident between a bus and a cyclist had occurred.

"The male cyclist was conveyed unconscious to NUH, where he subsequently succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.

"Police investigations are ongoing."

In his report to Stomp, Kee Tan said:

"The bus was travelling towards Jurong Island through the AYE and Jurong Pier Road. I was on the bus then.

"When the driver of the bus turned left into Jurong Pier Road, we heard the bus 'climbing up' over something, like a road divider, on the right side.

"The bus had dragged a bicycle underneath it for a few meters before stopping.

"When we stepped off the bus, the cyclist was injured but still alive and breathing but he went unconscious after a couple of minutes.

"An ambulance was called and arrived about 15 minutes later. Paramedics attempted to use CPR and their medical equipment to revive him at the site but in vain.

"He was then immediately transferred on the ambulance and moved on to hospital."

He said he did not see any other casualties and that the accident involved a bus bearing the number 715.

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