Cabby sacked after bullying woman driver

Cabby sacked after bullying woman driver
RAGING CABBY: A screengrab from the video showing the cabby scolding and gesticulating wildly at the driver of a white SUV (not pictured).
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SINGAPORE - An SMRT taxi driver has been sacked after he bullied a woman driver on Bukit Timah Road.

The incident was captured on video by Mr Kenny Koh, who alerted The New Paper.

Mr Koh, 29, a legal secretary, was on the first seat on the top deck of SBS Transit double decker bus 157 on Friday.

He was on his way home at about 7pm when he saw a one-minute confrontation between the SMRT cabby and the woman driver of a white sport utility vehicle (SUV) in the bus bay along Bukit Timah Road near Hwa Chong Institution.

"I started taking note of the incident when I noticed that passengers were coming to the road to flag the bus because the bus bay was occupied," Mr Koh said.

He said the cab was parked beside the SUV and the cabby was standing on the driver's side of the car, gesticulating wildly at the woman inside.

The taxi driver even tried to force open the SUV's door, but to no avail.

"I could even see the car shaking as he did that," Mr Koh said.

The woman driver stayed in her SUV.

The cabby eventually got back in his taxi and both vehicles drove off.

But barely four minutes on, he saw the cabby swerving suddenly from the middle lane into the left-most lane where the SUV was travelling.

Both cars came to a stop, and the bus that Mr Koh was on also had to brake to avoid running into them.

That prompted Mr Koh to pull out his phone to film the vehicles.

"The two vehicles stopped within inches of each other. The taxi driver got out and started scolding and waving his fist into the SUV driver's face after she wound down her window," Mr Koh said.


He also noticed a female passenger in the cab flashing her middle finger at the SUV driver.

This incident, which lasted a minute, caused the slow-moving peak-hour traffic to slow even more.

Mr Koh said: "As a driver and motorcycle rider myself, I am aware that road users make mistakes, occasionally obstructing my path or delaying my progress in traffic.

"Of all my years being a driver or rider here and overseas, I have never ever found the need to resort to aggressive behaviour on the road to convince others to drive safely and smartly," he said.

Calling the cabby's actions "blatant bullying", he added that such incidents are rare in Singapore as drivers usually take to sounding horns or flashing lights.

When contacted, SMRT said the driver involved in the incident had been sacked.

A spokesman said: "Passengers are our priority. We have investigated the incident and found the hirer's actions to be a serious compromise of road and passenger safety."

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