10 cheapest car parks in Orchard Road

10 cheapest car parks in Orchard Road
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SINGAPORE - Skyrocketing COEs aside, everyday car utilities like petrol and parking fees take a heavy toll on Singapore drivers' wallets.

But fear not, you can still save up on petrol dollars with this handy guide.

Drivers who are heading to Orchard Road to kickstart the weekend fun tonight can look to these 10 car parks with the cheapest parking rates in the area.

While some of these car parks may not be next to your favourite shopping centre, they're just a leisurely stroll away.

The dollars you save on parking fees can go towards your favourite meal with your family, or a movie ticket with your other half.

To find out how to save on fuel, here are 10 tips to reduce your petrol costs.

Note: Parking fees are based on LTA's parking rates of entries into carparks after 6pm on Friday or Saturday evenings.

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