Woman hit by SBS bus in Ang Mo Kio

The female pedestrian was seen crossing the road near the MRT station without checking. -Stomp

Jakarta police confiscate drag-racing Lamborghini

The Jakarta Police confiscated a white Lamborghini for lacking the required permits, in the Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD), South Jakarta, on Saturday. -Jakarta Post/ANN

LTA not taking action against SMRT

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will not take further action against SMRT after the train operator failed to seek its approval before providing chartered train services to a school. -ST

One private MRT train, please

Forget Ferraris and Porsches, I am coming with my own pimped-up MRT. -TNP

LTA will take no further action against SMRT

SMRT will face no further action over providing five chartered trains to Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) to take students to a rugby match at the National Stadium. -TNP

Driverless cars soon to be reality here

Fancy a car that can drive itself, find its own parking space, and even pick your kids up from school? -TNP

Illegally parked cars at IMM have wheels clamped with $100 release fine

At least 10 cars were clamped at Level 2 of IMM's carpark by security personnel. -Stomp

SMRT still keen to charter out trains during off-peak hours

The LTA has said it would take "appropriate action" against the public transport operator for not seeking its approval before providing the charter. -ST

How SMRT conveys travel information to commuters

Patrick Nathan says the Traffic Light System is only one of several systems SMRT uses in the network. -ST

Driver rams right into HDB void deck at Tampines St 81

Residents in an HDB block at Tampines Street 81 woke up to a shocking find at their void deck on Saturday morning.

BMW's wheel dislodged after crash on Middle Rd

The driver was heard telling the police he had left his licence and identity card at home. -Stomp