SMRT still keen to charter out trains during off-peak hours

The LTA has said it would take "appropriate action" against the public transport operator for not seeking its approval before providing the charter. -ST

How SMRT conveys travel information to commuters

Patrick Nathan says the Traffic Light System is only one of several systems SMRT uses in the network. -ST

Driver rams right into HDB void deck at Tampines St 81

Residents in an HDB block at Tampines Street 81 woke up to a shocking find at their void deck on Saturday morning.

BMW's wheel dislodged after crash on Middle Rd

The driver was heard telling the police he had left his licence and identity card at home. -Stomp

Man goes for joyride in stolen bus

A man stole a Go KL bus and took it for a three-hour joyride from Jalan Raja Laut to Jalan Daun Inai Merah near the Desapark City roundabout, where he ditched it after getting the vehicle stuck in a fence. -The Star/ANN

Trailer truck beats red light, overturns at Corporation Rd

Its load was scattered on the ground after the driver allegedly made a right turn too quickly. -Stomp

We should have sought approval: SMRT

Train operator has explained why it allowed school’s charter, says LTA. -ST

14-vehicle PIE pile-up: Driver had to be cut out

A tipper truck from Malaysia travelling was involved in a collision with another truck, sparking a chain collision of the 14 cars and lorries. -TNP

New era of self-driving cars will transform cities

Fewer cars may mean shorter travel times, less congestion, and a smaller environmental impact. -ST

Members of supercars club show off their machines

Such cars don't just get you from Point A to Point B. They offer you a driving experience, says the owner of a $800,000 Bentley GTC. -TNP

MRT train chartering: Why is it not okay?

MPs say chartering of trains is a good move, as long as public is not inconvenienced. -TNP