BMW's i8 swallows the M6's V8

German tuner Gabura creates the V8i, and Munich's high-tech hybrid sports car devolves into an 800-horsepower beast. -BBC

Big on Speed

With the Mulsanne Speed, Bentley shows what it takes to send a 2.7-tonne car to 100kmh in 4.9 seconds. -ST

Fiery Jaguar

The XF may look tame and dignified, but don’t let appearances fool you. -ST

Stirred, not shaken

Aston Martin's refreshed Vanquish delivers an exhilarating ride. -ST

Leading the hot-hatch game

Audi’s RS3 has a powerful engine that delivers a devastating pace. -ST

The motor scooter that thinks it's a van

Denmark's Tripl electric motorbike has more cargo space than a Mercedes E-Class estate. -BBC Autos

The 2016 BMW 7 Series is the smartest kid in class

Overhauled for the 2016 model year, the flagship sedan is setting new standards in gee-wizardry. -BBC Autos
Three Magical Alphabets

Three Magical Alphabets

Created 37 years ago, the fast Golf is truly classless. -sgCarMart
Sweet Japanese Flagship

Sweet Japanese Flagship

The new flagship sedan is already in its ninth edition in its 37-year history. -sgCarMart
Seeking Atonement

Seeking Atonement

Things are about to change with the second generation of the Stavic. -sgCarMart
Opposite Poles Attract

Opposite Poles Attract

Volvos aren't exactly the most exciting breed of cars you see in town but now, it seems it has injected that bit of ingenuity into one of their latest offerings - the V40. -sgCarMart