Exquisite Estate

From the looks of it, we can safely say that Mercedes is familiar and, to a certain extent, eloquent in churning out good-looking family carriers. -sgCarMart

No Ordinary Korean

Completely redesigned or rather, all new, the third generation Forte will be sold locally under a new nameplate - Forte K3. -sgCarMart

Best of Both Worlds

This is the very first GTI hatch to go topless. -sgCarMart

Suave and Sophisticated

The A3 Sportback may not cause many shocks and eyes to open widely with its styling, but it does score high points for looking smart and modern. -sgCarMart

Hardcore hard-top

Jaguar’s F-Type R Coupe sounds like rolling thunder and goes like the wind. -ST

Weapon of Choice

To the uninitiated, the difference between M and M Performance can be tricky. -sgCarMart

Chariot of Fire

When BMW told us to expect an updated Z4, we wondered how things could turn out. Frankly, we loved the previous generation. -sgCarMart

Archback Rivals

These three hatchbacks couldn't have been more different in the way they were conceived, designed, and constructed. -sgCarMart

Korean Storm

No prizes for the guessing the right answer - the Hyundai Santa Fe is indeed named after the capital of the US state of New Mexico, which explains why its name may sound a little Spanish-Mexican. -sgCarMart

The next best thing

Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet plays second fiddle to the Turbo but it is still a potent car. -ST

Jumping back on the wagon

The Mazda6 Wagon drives just as well as the saloon and looks even better. -ST