Super-licious Sedans

Which of these compact sedans can give you the most car for the least amount of money? -sgCarMart

Electricity in Motion

It seems that Audi has talk the talk and walk the walk with its electric plans. -sgCarMart

Keeping It Simple

The past two generations of the Vios have been a major hit with Singaporeans. -sgCarMart

French hottie

A sexy bod, 200bhp and 0 to 100kmh in 6.7 seconds - what's not to like about Renault's new Clio RS Cup? -ST

Slicker City

Honda's latest budget model rises above its station. -ST

Volvo with verve

New engine and transmission put more life into the Volvo XC60 T5 Drive-E. -ST

More Than a Cab Ride

Calling this model a facelift will make you wonder how a brand new model will turn out. -sgCarMart

Awe-some Auris

The Auris is perceived to be a rather boring machine but this notion isn't exactly accurate. -sgCarMart

Blowing in the wind

Ferrari’s California T is a turbo that is punchy and linear at the same time. -ST

Squeezy in a Twizy

Can Renault's adorable love child of a car and a bike attract drivers and riders alike? -Torque

Bentley's Flying Spur V8: A junior with clout

Bentley's Flying Spur V8 is proof that "entry-level" is a very relative term -ST