The motor scooter that thinks it's a van

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The 2016 BMW 7 Series is the smartest kid in class

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Savvy shopper saves $650 with one purchase

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5 features your next car must have

5 features your next car must have

Here're 5 things you really need as a driver. -sgCarMart
Car-sharing does not reduce road use

Car-sharing does not reduce road use

With the car quota system, sharing vehicles will lead to greater demand for road space. -ST
A car-lite Singapore: How to get there?

A car-lite Singapore: How to get there?

The new Sustainable Singapore Blueprint has made it a priority for Singapore to have fewer cars on the road for a more liveable environment. Better transport alternatives and increased car-sharing are proposed. But will they work? -ST
Three Magical Alphabets

Three Magical Alphabets

Created 37 years ago, the fast Golf is truly classless. -sgCarMart