Dangers of driving and distraction

Alongside incremental changes to traffic laws, there should be a sustained effort to educate drivers. -ST

Shopping for an MPV? Follow this guide

These mobile boardrooms show that they mean business in more ways than one. -ST

Toyota Prius: Going the extra mile

Its road presence got an unexpected boost this year. -ST

The One to consider

Entry-level Mini oozes charisma despite power and equipment deficit. -ST

Lexus NX200t is a sporty and stylish SUV

The Lexus NX is an SUV that is surprisingly sporty and stylish.-ST

Electric city

Singapore will get to experience true electric mobility with the introduction of the BMW i3. -BT

Topless Supercar

To start off, I didn't get to drive the McLaren Spider topless. I was going to remove my shirt but...-sgCarMart

Chasing a Ghost of a Good Thing

The 'smallest Rolls' or the 'baby Rolls' is how people inevitably refer to the Rolls-Royce Ghost. -sgCarMart

Drugged For Speed

We sample the next in line - the RS4 Avant. -sgCarMart

Sound Decision

There aren't many car names on Earth that are as revered as the Golf. -sgCarMart

Need for revenue key reason for tolls

If Malaysia's decision to raise tolls were a tit-for-tat response, the rise would apply solely to Singapore cars. But the revision affects Malaysian vehicles, too. -ST