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New baby, new life taken away from man when pregnant wife dies after bus hits her. -TNP
Two drivers who refuse to give way to each other end up having their cars damaged. -AsiaOne
Existing Season Pass holders can continue to top up credits until Dec 1 for monthly passes and Dec 25 for weekly passes. -AsiaOne
Motorists entering the CTE and ECP will also get colour-coded travel time information from these signboards. -ST
Following the hike in toll rates, hotels here have registered a drop of between 15 per cent and 18 per cent in bookings and occupancy, especially by Singaporeans. -The Star/ANN
He tries more than 10 times to get out of a parking space over a space of 10 minutes. -AsiaOne
In recent years, Malaysia has shielded its citizens from the full brunt of surging crude oil prices with fuel subsidies of around 24 billion ringgit annually. -Reuters
The driver was apparently trying to exit an expressway at the last minute. -Stomp
A reader who came across the vehicle says he is worried that it might be a stolen motorcycle or that the owner is unaware that he has received so many summonses. -Stomp
Surveillance footage revealed he checked his phone 39 times in the 7 minutes leading up to the accident in Jiangsu province. -AsiaOne
More electric and motorised bicycles are zooming along park connectors and their surroundings, breaking the rules and aggravating other park users who say they are a safety hazard. -ST
LTA said in a statement today that it will be revising the ERP rates at various locations from Nov 3, after completing its quarterly review of traffic conditions on ERP-priced roads and expressways. -AsiaOne
The vehicles are exported to countries as far as Malaysia and Myanmar. -AsiaOne
A video of an overcrowding incident at the station, which was packed due to train delays, shows commuters getting squashed at the escalator. -AsiaOne
It was the most terrifying ride of his life as he clung to a moving car, slumped against the windscreen and bonnet, for about 5km. -TNP
Building of the high-speed link could begin in Q3 next year: KL transport official. -ST
The driver of the Singapore-registered car allegedly tried and failed to cut into the lane the other car was in. -Stomp
The National Development Minister says more should be done to make cycling more than just a recreational pursuit. -ST
He thought the driver was honking at him and flew into a rage. -Stomp
Cars had to slow down for the cyclist who was switching lanes abruptly on Grange Road. -Stomp