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Maserati driver overtakes, jams on brakes, speeds off
His actions almost caused a collision with the car behind. -Stomp
Perception v reality in public transport fare hike
So the actual impact of fare increases will depend on the profile of your family. -ST
2014 a slow year for super fast, ultra-luxury cars
Loan, property curbs could make 2015 another quiet year. -BT
Ford Mustang heading to Asia
For the first time in its 50-year history, the iconic car will be available to customers around the world in more than 100 markets. -The Star/ANN
What the colour of your car says about you
The colour of a vehicle is so important to customers that it can be the difference between buying or not. -AFP
Traffic woes as schools go single session
More congestion on roads outside schools around start and dismissal times, say parents and residents. -ST
Lorry fails to stop at red light, hits pedestrian
Lorry fails to brake in time, hits pedestrian crossing road at junction. -Stomp
Mars, Venus collide in car-buying
While men depend on online information, women are swayed more by non-digital channels. -ST
More than 20 new cars at Singapore Motorshow 2015
Daily tickets to the 4-day event are priced at $6 per entry. -sgCarMart
Genting trip turns tragic
Eight died after a bus hit a lorry tyre that was left on the fast lane of the North-South Expressway. -The Star/ANN
JB op nets $900k in unpaid fines from S'pore motorists
The operation, conducted from Dec 27 to Jan 1, caught 13,529 drivers with outstanding fines near and at Johor Baru immigration checkpoints. -ST
Oil spill causes 13-hour road closure near Orchard
All five lanes of Paterson Road in the direction of River Valley, from Orchard Road to Orchard Boulevard, were closed for most of yesterday. -My Paper
Cyclist on mischief charge
Canadian accused of throwing bicycle on car bonnet along Selegie Road on Oct 17. -My Paper
Chinese car boasts fish tank in back seat
GAC's concept car also swish front seats that swivel around so the family can enjoy the sight of the fish all together. -AFP
Police to get more 'eyes' with video feeds from cars
This new technology is meant to improve the police's surveillance, and provide more effective support to operations. -ST
Jewellery jams train door, causes train delay on East-West line
An earring and two beads retrieved by SMRT technicians are believed to have caused the train door to jam. -AsiaOne
Driver allegedly brakes in middle of expressway to cause accident
He was caught on video jamming on his brakes although there were no vehicles in front. He was charged with inconsiderate driving by the Traffic Police. -Stomp
Road hog blocking ambulance: 'What if the patient had died?'
Mr Tommy Chong had possibly the most frustrating drive of his career when an inconsiderate driver not only refused to give way to his ambulance, but repeatedly braked for no reason, forcing him to do the same. -TNP
Bring on the power: Detroit auto show roars to life
More than 40 new car and truck models are forecast to go on display. -AFP
Is junior safe and secure in your car?
In the first half of last year, the Traffic Police caught an average of 114 people for child restraint offences monthly, a 10 per cent increase from the same period a year earlier. And for the whole of 2013, there were 1,273 offences - a 22 per cent jump from 2012. -My Paper