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Motorists had to drive on the pavement to get out. -TNP
The car was flipped like a toy, but its 56-year-old driver was reportedly not seriously injured. -Stomp
The smaller proposed levy of RM20 wouldn't deter them much, but if the levy were RM50, majority say they will cut back on trips. -ST
Travellers using the checkpoints over the Hari Raya Puasa weekend from July 25 to 28 can expect delays due to high traffic volume. -AsiaOne
In the video, which has been circulating online, the woman can be seen reaching into the male driver's car and snatching his keys before using a baseball steering lock to hit his bonnet. -Stomp
Prime Minister Najib has announced that the government has decided to implement the Vehicle Entry Permit fee for all foreign vehicles entering Johor. -The Star/ANN
Russian police are looking for the young driver of a BMW who purposely ran over an elderly man in a case of road rage. -AsiaOne
The overall supply for vehicles during this period will shrink by six per cent from the previous monthly supply. -ST
This is the slickest used-car ad you will ever see. -AsiaOne
The impressive Audi R8 road test has been the talk of netizens, as it was recently being re-shared on Gumbal, a supercar lovers' channel. -Stomp
A biker in Australia was launched onto the roof of a vehicle ahead after a car hit him from behind. -Stomp
Some accidents make sense, and are clearly avoidable. Others... not so much. -Stomp
CNB clarified that officers were stopping a 26-year-old drug trafficker who attempted to evade arrest by driving away. -Stomp
A witness said the man even knocked on the bus driver's window motioning for him to get out of the vehicle. -Stomp
Some budget cars may be reclassified as premium models when a new rule that requires cars to be tested for engine power before they can be sold is introduced. -ST
Higher operating costs cited as reason; three private firms set to follow suit. -ST
There are about 415 scooters for every 1,000 people in the city. -Stomp
Singapore's tight control of its vehicle population will come to naught if it is not accompanied by a policy that restricts the entry of vehicles from another country. -ST
Four luxury cars including an Audi, a BMW and a Mercedes sank into a pit created by the collapse. -AsiaOne
Man in road accident passes breathalyser test but insurance company refuses to pay out. -TNP