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He went to lie down on the road following a heated argument with a woman. -Stomp
Stage 2 of the Downtown Line will open by the first quarter of 2016. -My Paper
5 are critically injured after the truck ploughed into a crowd during a show. -AFP
Some of the most creative ways to deal with bad and inconsiderate drivers lacking in parking skills. -Stomp, AsiaOne
Motorists will have to park at T2 and take the skytrain or shuttle bus to T1. -ST
The lorry caught fire while travelling towards the SLE at around 7pm last night. -Stomp
Artworks submitted by primary school pupils across the island will be installed at 16 SBS Transit bus interchanges over the next few days. -TNP
Hubby of tourist killed in Stevens Road crash recalls the day he lost his wife and her sister-in-law who were on a 2-day vacation here. -TNP
Shimano Cycling World is billed as the world's first experiential and interactive cycling gallery. -ST
The speeding motorcyclist crashes into a Mercedes-Benz, sending it skidding into the Audi next to it. He lands on top of both cars after being flung into the air. -Stomp
Motorists heading to the republic are "experimenting" with the Second Link route. -The Star/ANN
Diners, owners of roadside eateries left jittery after series of crashes. -TNP
Cabby hurt after attack by 1.8m tall Caucasian man. -TNP
Netizens disgusted at his self-righteous behaviour pointed out that he did not need a seat since he could stand for 2 hours. -Stomp
Teen in Bukit Batok crash regains consciousness, but kept in dark about sister's condition. -TNP
The Straits Times received more than 10 forum letters on the issue of how best to solve this problem. -My Paper
A motorcyclist and his pillion rider were killed on Sep 21 in an accident along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1. -Stomp
Electric scooters popular with users, but few know that riding them on roads and pavements is illegal. -TNP
E-scooter users can be fined, jailed for riding on public roads, pavements. -TNP
Morning rush-hour jam as almost all five lanes closed in accident. -TNP