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Winner of 2014's ST Car of the Year is BMW's first electric car, the i3
BMW's first mass-produced battery-powered car wins 2014 title by being much more than a car with zero tailpipe emission. -ST
Johor acts on foreign motorists with unpaid summonses
Traffic police in Johor began an operation on Saturday to clamp down on foreign-registered vehicles with outstanding summonses. -TNP
Driver takes 4 mins to reverse out of parking lot
The owner of a car the driver hit while reversing even helped her without knowing she damaged his car, but she drove away without saying anything. -Stomp
FlashPay users can now use app to activate top-up
Need to top up your FlashPay card? Android phone users can now do so through their mobile phones. -TNP
Rules for taxi apps show they're here to stay
The Government recently announced a regulatory framework for these services, in a bid to safeguard the interests and safety of commuters using them. -ST
Singapore-Kuala Lumpur distance 'ideal for high-speed rail'
Studies by high-speed rail experts in Japan show there is a distance sweet spot where commuters would opt for the train over a bus or a plane. -ST
Cabby crashes into pillar in Fernvale, takes selfies with wreck
An eyewitness said he had headed too quickly into a bend at a drop-off point of an HDB block. -Stomp
Sabah car thieves ram into 4 vehicles in dramatic escape bid
The suspects were trapped between parked and stationary vehicles at a popular jogging park. -Stomp
Engine ruined by water in diesel. Cost of repairs: $28,000
The engine and fuel system of their car have been ruined as a result of water tainting the diesel in the fuel tank, and has to be replaced. -TNP
Volks Auto boss left S'pore well before reports lodged
Police said he left Singapore in early December, well before car buyers gathered to look for him outside the car dealership along MacPherson Road on Dec 15. -AsiaOne
Driver washes car for half an hour at traffic junction in Tampines
Some taxi drivers were unhappy at the Merc driver and told him off, but ended up getting yelled at. -Stomp
Car workshop director believes vandal attack due to business rivalry
In an industry saturated with small players, someone may not be happy with the success of Optima Werkz. -TNP
No-shows after taxi booking: New push for penalty
Problem has grown as more use third-party apps. -ST
To posh up a Porsche
Porsche master customiser Nakai Akira comes to Singapore. -TNP
More CCTV cameras to deter illegal parking
LTA to install devices at 40 new locations in first quarter of next year. -ST
Stiffer fines for repeat parking offenders
Tiered penalty system, cameras at 40 more locations from next year. -ST
Man accused of stealing Honda Civic Type R logo to paste on own car
A man found his red Honda logo, unique to Type R models, missing. A similar logo was later spotted on a regular Civic in the same neighbourhood. -Stomp
Angry drunk man to police: "Tell my mother her son is dead"
Drunk man drives car onto pavement, upset when caught by police. -TNP
Singapore cars to pay $7.60 for entry permit to Malaysia from mid-2015
All foreign-registered vehicle entering Malaysia from Singapore will be charged a RM20 vehicle-entry-permit fee from the middle of next year. -AsiaOne
Number of road rage cases on the decline
53 reports made in first nine months of this year, down from 71 last year. -ST