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MRT Corp CEO Datuk Azhar Abdul Hamid has resigned over Monday night's construction site accident in Kota Damansara that claimed three lives. -The Star/ANN
Rescuers have recovered one body and are working to retrieve two more people believed to be trapped underneath a concrete span which collapsed at the MRT construction site in Kota Damansara on Monday night. -The Star/ANN
The 300-tonne span which is made up of 14 units of segmented box girders had become dislodged from its piers before falling to the ground. -The Star/ANN
It's easy to feel a little bad seeing people driving cars with a tag price two to five times your annual income. But fret not, when people buy supercars that means the economy is doing good. -FinancesOnline.com
The driver of a lorry that had been allegedly stolen abandoned his vehicle in the middle of a road and ran off yesterday when told to stop by police. -ST
When the 43km-long line is completed in 2024, a trip from East Coast Park to Orchard is expected to take just 45 minutes, compared to 75 minutes. -ST
Motorists show compassionate side by jumping in to help in three separate accidents. -TNP
The accident along Yishun Ave 2 involved a taxi, a motorcycle, a minibus and an MPV. -Stomp
THE Anak Bukit Flyover in Bukit Timah will be the first road in Singapore to get permanent noise barriers. -ST
He narrowly misses an oncoming car, the driver of which said he had to slow down to avoid a collision. -Stomp
An eyewitness said that the Malaysia-registered bike was travelling at a considerably high speed while swerving past pedestrians. -Stomp
The incident took place at the junction between Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 and Avenue 3. -Stomp
US man hits 4 pedestrians, killing 1, hours after texting his friends to say he was too drunk to drive. -TNP
An accident between two cars occurred off Gambas Avenue towards Yishun. -Stomp
The maximum capacity for passengers in Singapore taxis is four. -Stomp
One netizen said the gantry arm was saluting the driver for paying, while another said this must be a regional version of the fortune cat statue. -Stomp
In conjunction with Singapore Ride Safe 2014 launched in June, Biker Boy explores pedestrian safety on our roads. -TNP
An eyewitness said the incident started as a minor dispute, but it turned into a fight with the driver throwing the motorcyclist's helmet. -Stomp
He struck and killed an aggrieved young driver walking on a dirt track in a low-stakes race. -Reuters
An argument between two Mercedes drivers caused quite a bit of commotion at the carpark near Boon Lay market on Saturday morning. -Stomp