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The recall is due to the possibility that their rear seatbelt could come apart in a crash and cause injuries. -AFP
A new two-lane road is being built to link motorists directly from the Pan-Island Expressway to Changi Airport's upcoming Terminal 4. -ST
Alphabet Inc's Google unit told U.S. auto safety regulators that the government's interpretation of motor vehicle safety rules is "extremely important" to its further development of fully self-driving cars. -Reuters
Government not keen on increases for national highways. - The Star
Embattled German auto giant Volkswagen is having to recall 680,000 cars in the United States owing to possible faulty airbags supplied by Japanese maker Takata. -AFP
The Land Rover Defender has emerged from the company's Solihull factory for 68 years, which means that in car years, it roughly predates the invention of the wheel. -BBC Autos
New bus operator will have a strong technical team and use a digital system to manage fleet. -ST
Not feasible to slash prices by same quantum as premiums are expected to rebound, say dealers. -ST
Certificate of entitlement (COE) prices have plummeted, with the premium for bigger cars hitting its lowest level in six years. -ST
Your chances of hopping into a cab with a flagdown fare of $3.20 have just got a little lower. -ST
The prices would see a marginal increase of between RM312 (S$109) and RM2,021, depending on the models. -The Star
"It's superb," writes TopGear.com's Ollie Marriage. "Honestly, you just don't need more." -BBC Autos
PRIVATE-CAR hire drivers operating under Uber and GrabCar may soon be required to have a vocational licence, under regulations expected to be announced next month. -ST
With magnetic levitation and a 3D-printed tread pattern inspired by brain coral, the sphere-shaped Eagle-360 could be the biggest advance to tyre tech since vulcanised rubber. -BBC Autos
TopGear.com's Jason Barlow samples the German carmaker's "awesomely, almost intimidatingly complete" new E-Class. -BBC Autos
'The James Bond theme that had been playing so triumphantly in my head came to a needle-scratching halt. Then I hurled — not once or twice, but three inglorious times.' -BBC Autos
The colour 'Lush Green' had edged out the other choice of 'Bright Red' by a mere 144 votes in the public voting exercise that had ended Feb 5. -AsiaOne
COE prices finished higher across the board in the first round of bidding in March. -AsiaOne
The DB11 is the most important model in the British carmaker's 103-year history. -BBC Autos
With its 760-horsepower Centenario, the Italian carmaker channels its founder’s hot temper. -BBC Autos