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He throws a bowl of dumplings through the window at her and starts punching her when she gets down to confront him. -Stomp
She was caught by her legs between the tram and the platform. -AsiaOne
Local supercar enthusiasts will have an opportunity to feast their eyes on a dazzling line-up of Lamborghini's finest masterpieces at its inaugural showcase at the outdoor atrium in Wisma Atria.
While it acknowledged its failure to inform the authority, it said this was not the first time it had provided such services without informing the LTA. -My Paper
Their dispute over what appears to be a fender-bender turns violent quickly when they start exchanging blows. -AsiaOne
A year-long trial may see these fully autonomous cars zipping around buildings in the one-north area. -ST
Some motorists said at least 14 vehicles had been affected. -ST
The cabby was said to have mistakenly thought there was a ramp ahead when he drove off the ledge. -Stomp
He survived because he was in between the wheels of the vehicle, which also had a high chassis. -AsiaOne
Apart from Thailand, Malaysia has the highest number of road deaths in South-east Asia, a World Health Organisation shows. -The Star/ANN
Both taxis were wrecked as a result. -Stomp
This time, several precast concrete segments fell off a trailer onto a road, causing traffic congestion near the Billion roundabout flyover along Jalan Cheras, Kuala Lumpur at 11am on Sunday. -The Star/ANN
Residents fed up with cyclists not following rules and causing accidents even after repeat attempts to enforce them. -TNP
Two freak accidents that occurred within minutes of each other ended with one dead at Jalan Mahameru, near the Jalan Parlimen exit, early Tuesday. -The Star/ANN
A green light indicates that a commuter can board the next train; an amber light points to a wait; a red light shows that a prolonged wait is expected. -ST
In the 28-second video, the private bus was making a left turn at a T-junction, but instead of turning left to the immediate lane, it turned left to the wrong road. -AsiaOne
She wasn't aware of need to report composition fine for traffic accident. -ST
Nobody was hurt in the accident involving a lorry and a car, with a motorcycle caught in between.
The closest bicycle park is at Stadium MRT station. -ST
You probably need bionic eyes to read the numbers on the plate from afar. -Stomp