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The argument got so heated that another driver behind had to exit his vehicle to intervene. -Stomp
The owner who probably had too many 50-cent coins to spare decided to cover his car with them. -Stomp, AsiaOne
Citibank is upending the traditional vehicle financing model here by pre-qualifying customers for car loans. The motor industry could lose millions of dollars in finance commissions if this practice is eventually adopted by other banks. -BT
Shell, Esso, Caltex cut rates by a few cents; electricity tariffs also lower. -ST
Such relatively minor disputes have other means of recourse, says judge. -ST
Alternative carpark at T2 easy to find but some don't know way back to T1. -ST
They are pulling out the stops in lavishing freebies on potential buyers, but are their freebies gimmicks or a thoughtful response to customers' feedback? -TNP
100 cyclists were caught within an hour and 15 people were issued fines of $20. -My Paper
He let his artist wife doodle on a few scratches on the bumper and loved what he saw. -Stomp
The car hit a van, causing it to topple, before going on to crash into a lorry. -Stomp
He was antagonised after the owners of an electric scooter he had knocked into refused to compensate him for damages. -AsiaOne
Road signs reminding pedestrians to “LOOK” will be painted on 240 zebra crossings in school zones. - ST
The 47-year-old driver was trapped inside the Malaysia-registered vehicle, but was later extricated by SCDF personnel. -AsiaOne
He reverses from a void deck and continues driving on a pathway meant for pedestrians. -Stomp
The officer was seen sitting on the curb and did not appear to be seriously injured. -Stomp
SBS Transit and SMRT will be extending the operating hours for their train and bus services on the morning of Oct 22. -AsiaOne
The Singapore Sports School student, was cycling along Woodlands Avenue 12, when the accident happened. She was apparently flung off her bicycle and landed 8m away. -ST
The men seem to be in a dispute over who's in the 'correct lane'. -Stomp
Cabbies complain that passengers fail to show up after making bookings. -ST
Top city officials enticed by efficiency, low costs. -Korea Herald/ANN