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The 10-day show covers an area of 150,000 square metres with 9 indoor exhibition halls and outdoor display sites. -China Daily/ANN
He was inches away from hitting the car while vying for a parking spot behind it. -AsiaOne
The female pedestrian was seen crossing the road near the MRT station without checking. -Stomp
At least 10 cars were clamped at Level 2 of IMM's carpark by security personnel. -Stomp
Such cars don't just get you from Point A to Point B. They offer you a driving experience, says the owner of a $800,000 Bentley GTC. -TNP
A woman was seen riding on the back of a motorcycle without wearing a helmet. -Stomp
Local supercar enthusiasts will have an opportunity to feast their eyes on a dazzling line-up of Lamborghini's finest masterpieces at its inaugural showcase at the outdoor atrium in Wisma Atria. -AsiaOne
One of the Mitsubishi Evo cars split into two after they crashed into each other. -The Star/ANN
MPs say chartering of trains is a good move, as long as public is not inconvenienced. -TNP
He throws a bowl of dumplings through the window at her and starts punching her when she gets down to confront him. -Stomp
The driver was heard telling the police he had left his licence and identity card at home. -Stomp
Residents in an HDB block at Tampines Street 81 woke up to a shocking find at their void deck on Saturday morning.
Their dispute over what appears to be a fender-bender turns violent quickly when they start exchanging blows. -AsiaOne
A tipper truck from Malaysia travelling was involved in a collision with another truck, sparking a chain collision of the 14 cars and lorries. -TNP
She was caught by her legs between the tram and the platform. -AsiaOne
The cabby was said to have mistakenly thought there was a ramp ahead when he drove off the ledge. -Stomp
A year-long trial may see these fully autonomous cars zipping around buildings in the one-north area. -ST
He survived because he was in between the wheels of the vehicle, which also had a high chassis. -AsiaOne
Both taxis were wrecked as a result. -Stomp
Residents fed up with cyclists not following rules and causing accidents even after repeat attempts to enforce them. -TNP