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Seven stops in Malaysia have been identified in the high-speed rail (HSR) project which will connect Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. -AsiaOne
The driver of the Singapore-registered car allegedly tried and failed to cut into the lane the other car was in. -Stomp
The so-called RoadRunner system uses a smartphone-enabled platform for vehicle-to-vehicle communication, allowing cars to "talk" to one another on the go. -ST
He thought the driver was honking at him and flew into a rage. -Stomp
Malaysia PM says Indonesia's new president embraced the idea of producing an 'Asean car' in collaboration with Proton. -The Star/ANN
Cars had to slow down for the cyclist who was switching lanes abruptly on Grange Road. -Stomp
Poor judgment calls cited as top reason why riders here lose control. -ST
The argument got so heated that another driver behind had to exit his vehicle to intervene. -Stomp
Citibank is upending the traditional vehicle financing model here by pre-qualifying customers for car loans. The motor industry could lose millions of dollars in finance commissions if this practice is eventually adopted by other banks. -BT
The accident arose from two separate collisions. -The Star/ANN
S'pore engineer creates sunshade that can tap sunlight to power air-con when vehicle is parked. -ST
The owner who probably had too many 50-cent coins to spare decided to cover his car with them. -Stomp, AsiaOne
Such relatively minor disputes have other means of recourse, says judge. -ST
They are pulling out the stops in lavishing freebies on potential buyers, but are their freebies gimmicks or a thoughtful response to customers' feedback? -TNP
100 cyclists were caught within an hour and 15 people were issued fines of $20. -My Paper
He let his artist wife doodle on a few scratches on the bumper and loved what he saw. -Stomp
He was antagonised after the owners of an electric scooter he had knocked into refused to compensate him for damages. -AsiaOne
The 47-year-old driver was trapped inside the Malaysia-registered vehicle, but was later extricated by SCDF personnel. -AsiaOne
He reverses from a void deck and continues driving on a pathway meant for pedestrians. -Stomp
He was driving home with his wife along Selegie Road when he realised that the taxi ahead of him was moving slowly and hogging the road. -TNP