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Such services can be found on online classified sites such as Gumtree, 88DB and Locanto. -ST
He refused to let go of the car door, and continued to harass the driver and an elderly passenger, asking them to 'come down'. -Stomp
The apps will have to apply for a 3-yearly 'certificate of registration' starting from the 2nd quarter of next year. -AFP
A driver was seen arguing with a traffic warden who occasionally brings his camera up to take pictures of vehicles travelling in the bus lane to avoid an accident site. -Stomp
The owner parked for 2 hours and returned to find the side mirror gone. -Stomp
A motor accident was the cause of a fence found damaged last week at an Ang Mo Kio bus depot, according to the Singapore Police Force. -AsiaOne
The suspected driver stopped at the road shoulder about 50m in front of the car that was hit for about 5 minutes, before driving off. -Stomp
The Land Transport Authority has been tasked with studying ongoing travel-demand management efforts. -My Paper
The police van collided with the motorcyclist while the driver was trying to change lanes. -Stomp
The victim, who was on the Subang Jaya USJ-Shah Alam stretch to get to work in the morning, said the assault came after she honked at the man for repeatedly switching lanes. -The Star/ANN
The 4-door Mirai sedan is powered by hydrogen and emits nothing but water vapour from its tailpipe. -AFP
They had to be faster than 2mins 3secs to catch the train at its next stop. -AsiaOne
He fires 12 rounds at an armoured Mercedes-Benz vehicle while his CEO sits behind the wheel. -Stomp
The victim, in his 90s, was involved in a collision with an SMRT bus along Jurong East Street 32 this morning. -AsiaOne
Taxi crashes into railing and plunges into Whampoa canal. Resident says: -TNP
The cameras, sharper and more accurate than film cameras, will be put up at 20 locations for a start. -ST
He has rejected generous offers from businessmen all over the world for the vehicle and uses it to surprise terminally ill-children instead. -Stomp
Important to know and cater to seniors' needs: Social groups. -ST
This tow truck driver is no stranger to the sight of blood on mangled metal. -TNP
The police car was parked along double yellow lines outside ION Orchard. -Stomp