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Many have voiced dissatisfaction over the new toll charges, saying that the increase of more than 400 per cent was too steep. -The Star/ANN
The other cabby said he was driving carefully as that road junction was known to be a dangerous zone. -Stomp
Fewer weekend cars registered as cost of ownership rises: Experts -ST
The female victim of the hit-and-run has posted a video of the incident on Facebook and is appealing for witnesses to come forward. -Stomp
The Travel Smart Network programme offers grants annually to co-fund initiatives by companies to make their workplaces more supportive of flexible travel arrangements. -My Paper
The Perodua rolled over a few times from the impact before crashing into a drain. -The Star/ANN
Many are young adults who are driving super cars for the first time. -My Paper
He reportedly said in the interview that he was scared as there had been a lot of accidents on the road he was on. -Stomp
Mazda's compact minivan had the distinction of being one of the 3 worst-performing cars since the small overlap crash test was developed in 2012. -Reuters
The accident occurred along Tampines Avenue 10 at around 8.30am yesterday. -Stomp
The hike will also affect a significant number of Singaporeans who reside in Johor Baru and make the daily cross-border commute for work and school. -My Paper
Commuters can be seen engaging in activities such as being physical with their partners to even smoking inside the train cabins. -Stomp
The Volkswagen group sold 4.97 million vehicles in January-June, up 5.9 per cent from the same period a year ago. -Reuters
Rates for gantries on ECP and MCE will see reductions. -AsiaOne
LTA said the Government had already contacted the Malaysian government "to seek details, and is awaiting Malaysia's reply before deciding on our response". -ST
The car overturned at the bottom of the steps in the carpark. -Stomp
Some things you may or may not not know about the card you casually flash every day. -ST
He was caught on camera pounding vigorously multiple times on the window until it gave way. -Stomp
A 1.5m-long piece of road divider smashed through his car's windscreen, which could have seriously injured or killed anyone sitting in front. -TNP
The stickers are meant for expectant mothers, senior citizens, parents travelling with infants, commuters with mobility needs and unwell passengers. -ST