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The 12 stations of Downtown Line 2 will open in December this year, ahead of the previously announced 2016 Q1 time frame, Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew said. -AsiaOne
Sustained drop of 7-8 per cent in morning peak-period commuters, says LTA -ST
With effect from May 30 to June 28, ERP rates and VEP operating hours for the upcoming June holidays will be reduced. -AsiaOne
COE premiums ended lower in all categories except for Category C in the latest bidding exercise on Wednesday. -AsiaOne
It uses ground vibrations, currents where drilling boreholes can't be done -ST
High-speed rail terminal site may be named soon
There are other obstacles that need to be overcome, such as how much each country should pay for the project. -ST
Cabby 'throws objects' at car in 10-minute ordeal
The road bully's dangerous antics were caught by the in-car cameras at the front and rear of his victim's car. -My Paper/TNP
Car flips upright in accident on PIE near Tampines Ave 5
A grey-coloured car was left hood-first in a vertically upright position on a grass patch between two lanes. -Stomp
More fare cheats got free cab rides in 2014
There were 121 cases referred by cab companies to the authorities, up from 80 in 2013. -My Paper
'My mind was scrambled'
Accident left motorcyclist so dazed during 16-day hospital stay he didn't remember family visits. -TNP
Man carries child while cycling along Dunearn Rd
He was also holding a mobile phone in the other hand, although he was not using it. -Stomp
20 new speed cameras to be installed at 11 locations from March
These new digital speed cameras will complement existing mobile speed laser cameras. -AsiaOne
'It was like some horror or action movie'
Van mounts kerb, speeds across road and leaves tyre tracks on grass slope. -TNP
Close shave for boy who dashes across road in Clementi
He was running across an exit ramp when he saw a car approaching him and turned back. -Stomp
Congestion on SLE due to oil spill, accident
Motorists are advised to avoid the first and second lanes. -AsiaOne
Nudge nudge, ring ring
New safety system being developed to warn drivers of cyclists who get too close. -TNP
Elderly cyclist trapped under truck after collision
The accident happened at about 11.40am at the entrance to the carpark at Block 314, Yishun Ring Road. -TNP
Bus services to be diverted for Thaipusam from Feb 2-4
SBS Transit and SMRT bus services plying Little India and the surrounding areas will be diverted from 9pm on Feb 2 to 3am on Feb 4. -AsiaOne
Traffic enforcer questioned for not issuing summonses to illegally parked cars
When asked by a man why he is not issuing summonses to the cars parked along double yellow lines, he says that he needs check with his superiors to decide the next course of action. -Stomp
Taxi app scene hots up with Network Uncle
The latest app allows a passenger to broadcast his location to cabbies. -ST