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Sweet deals but where are our wheels?
Crowd gathers outside car showroom in MacPherson Road, demanding refunds. But showroom is closed and staff members are nowhere to be found. -TNP
More than 40 Lamborghinis arrive at Punggol New Town for charity event
It is not every day you get to hear the deafening revving of more than 40 luxury car engines, especially in a neighbourhood in the heartlands. -Stomp
Yet to pay up Malaysian traffic fine? Foreigners face arrest soon
Apart from the 313,661 summonses for Singapore-registered vehicles still outstanding, there are 4,621 arrest warrants issued against repeat offenders from Singapore. -ST
Driver blocks ambulance for 5 minutes
The five-minute delay may have resulted in the woman having to be warded in the Intensive Care Unit. -TNP
14 hurt when bus crashes into taxi
It started as a normal Monday evening when Ms Wang, 23, boarded SBS bus service 153 from her workplace in Toa Payoh, ready for a ride home. -TNP
2,588 motorists arrested for drink-driving in first 10 months of 2014
This year's ADD campaign hopes to draw greater attention towards the roles that family members and friends can play towards eschewing drink driving behaviour. -AsiaOne
95-octane fuel dips below $2 as crude slips
The 95-octane grade petrol is now $1.95 a litre before discount across all four brands here: Shell, Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC), Caltex and Esso. -My Paper
Changi Airport suspends split queue system for cabs after protests
Drivers of premium cabs said it disadvantaged them and slowed down the flow of taxis. -sgCarMart
Free replacement exercise for expiring ez-link cards extends to March 2015
Holders of ez-link cards that expire on Mar 31 next year can also have them exchanged at no cost. -AsiaOne
Workers flung out after crash
Three foreign workers were flung out of a lorry after it got into a head-on collision with a minibus at about 8.30am yesterday. -TNP
Cabby kicks Malaysian cop at JB Customs
The policeman noticed the suspect driving his taxi in a dangerous manner at the building's main entrance. -TNP
Premium cabs behind taxi jam at airport?
The incident is said to have arisen from a new trial which started at Changi Airport Terminal 1, in which taxis are categorised as "premium taxis" and "regular taxis". -My Paper
Shocking video shows girl, 9, driving car on busy road in Thailand
According to reports, the child has been allowed to drive since the age of 6. -Stomp
Duo nabbed over illegal bike race
Named HolyCrit, the race event began last year and is held once a month on average. -My Paper
9-vehicle accident in Hougang carpark
A driver crashed into several parked vehicles, leaving 6 cars and 2 motorcycles damaged. A cyclist was also knocked down. -Stomp
SMRT gets passengers' attention with tongue-in-cheek announcements
'If you're planning to leave anything behind, please make sure it's something I can either use or sell," a train driver said. -ST
Ride. Return. Recharge. Repeat.
Proposals sought for official electric-car sharing scheme. -ST
It's all ride now
Buses travel more smoothly at new Bedok interchange after a jam-filled few days. -TNP
Hilarious ad shows why even ghosts need to wear seat belts
In the ad, a ghost's intention to spook a driver gets foiled when she is flung through the front windshield. -Stomp
Cyclist cuts across 4 lanes, rages at driver
The cyclist is seen riding in front of the car and cutting across four lanes, despite there being other vehicles on the road. -My paper