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Buying a car is the second-most expensive purchase, next to owning a house. Here are some pointers for those unsure of what to buy with the myriad of choices now in the market. -Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN
There are no changes to the toll charges at the Second Link. -AsiaOne
While crossing Bencoolen Link, a narrow two-lane road, Madam Ng, 83, was hit by a taxi and run over by two of its wheels. -TNP
Hilarious video shows them slowing down and stopping before an ERP gantry, and continuing on their journey seconds later when the lights on the gantry go off. -Stomp
The driver tried in vain to stop the car, which tipped over and fell onto its side along a pedestrian crossing. -Stomp
The “Eye Blink Infrared Sensor” is the result of a year’s effort by M. Gokul. -The Star/ANN
Driver failed to stop after his Hyundai Tuscani was involved in an accident with another vehicle during a 'race' with a Mercedes-Benz on KPE. -ST
A man from the embassy was filmed arguing with a traffic warden in Holland Village while his car was parked on a single yellow zigzag line. The embassy said that the parking fine will be paid. -AsiaOne
A blue Suzuki Swift crashed into a crowded coffee shop in Geylang on Wednesday evening, injuring a diner and disrupting two birthday celebrations. -TNP
A clip that has recently gone viral shows the men planking and squatting while riding their motorbikes. -Stomp
The lorry driver's actions almost caused an accident, the cabby said. -Stomp
The little boy runs onto the road and pauses while on the middle lane when he sees vehicles heading towards him. -Stomp
A man comes out of another vehicle after a couple park their car, snatches their key and drives off. -AsiaOne
Oblivious, the taxi driver did not halt. He continued driving, running the cab's wheels over her right leg and chest. -Stomp
Red, orange, yellow, green and more - the Lamborghinis along Orchard Road on Sep 6 could line up and form the splendid spectrum of a rainbow and more. -Stomp
The accident happened last Thursday along Lower Delta Road. -Stomp
A fake press release, purportedly issued by Singapore's Land Transport Authority, is circulating on social media, claiming that the island republic has revised toll rates at the Causeway. -The Star/ANN
The taxi driver suddenly exclaimed that she couldn't feel her brakes and hit the car in front. The car subsequently collided into another vehicle as well. -Stomp
Driver looking to settle dispute gets bashed up by Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob, Scrat and Lutnik in viral video. -AsiaOne
Multiple items were scattered across the road. -Stomp